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I do realize I’ve missed a blog for Thursday of last week. I plan on writing an extra one this week to make up for it, but it got me thinking about how sometimes your regular schedule can change when something comes up, or when you have something more pressing and important to do at the time.

It’s okay for your schedule to be interrupted sometimes. There’s a schedule for a reason, so you can make the most of your time and get things done, but sometimes it’s okay to put that aside for something more important.

You might be late for work because you stopped to help someone who needed it.

You might miss an entire appointment because a friend had an emergency.

You might skip your free-time to help someone in need.

You might miss church to care for an ailing family member.

You might miss the bus or train because you stopped to witness to someone that God put in your path.

You might end up going somewhere you didn’t think you would in order to help a friend in trouble.

You might take time off work for a family emergency.

Sometimes God might directly interrupt your schedule and tell you He has a different one for you.

All of these things might be inconvenient, but all of these things can be good even though they might involve something bad happening. God has a different schedule than we do, and His is better. It may not always feel like it and He may not always tell us what appointments are coming up, but He will get us to those appointments right on time every time. Let’s try not to miss God’s appointments by being too concerned with our own.