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Lately I’ve been finding myself frustrated with some restrictions that have been imposed, mostly ones that are factually unnecessary. It brings up an important piece of life: knowing when to limit yourself and knowing when to just go ahead.

It doesn’t even have to be about a restriction. It can be a set of choices in front of you. It can be at any time or place in life. Sometimes you are within your full right to choose to do or not do something, and sometimes it helps people around you when you limit yourself for a bit. Sometimes the difficult part is knowing which one to do. Do I limit myself so someone doesn’t feel in danger or become unnecessarily offended, or do I take my liberty while in love letting someone know that they may be wrong? Can I do both?

To add to the difficulty, the answer you find for one situation may not be the correct answer for a similar situation! This is why we need to ask God and listen to His answer. As good as we think we are about discerning what we can, can’t, should, and shouldn’t do, we’re not perfect. God cares about us, our situations, and the people having the situations with us. He can tell us when to limit ourselves and when to go forward. He will even tell us how to limit ourselves or go forward!

I wanted to answer questions in this post, but really God is the one who will have to answer them for us as individuals. We all have different questions and situations, and not everything has a blanket answer, but that’s okay. We know the God who knows, so let’s listen to Him.