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There are things you can do now that you won’t be able to do later. Whether it involves an opportunity that has a deadline or age taking its toll on you, there is only so much time we each have to do certain things.

But what about things that we can normally do later? Sometimes we won’t be able to do those later either. Sometimes something might happen to us, or to what we were going to do, or to the person with which we were going to talk.

We often live like we have some time, and normally we do. But we also don’t know how long that time is. We figure we’ll reach the average at least. While I don’t want to make anyone panic and worry about how much time they have left, sometimes we could stand some thinking about our short lifespans. Even if we lived full lives, that’s still not a long time. And we’re not even promised the full average lifespan or full health the whole time. A lot of people die at any and every age, even at birth or in the womb. A lot of people develop health problems at any and every age, some are even born with them.

Regardless of your age or health though, there are things God has set in your life now that you may have a limited time to do, for one reason or another. You’re ready, equipped, and able now, that’s why God has specific things for you to do. While there are things you can do anytime or continually, there are some things that you won’t be able to do forever. Shoulder and put work into that ministry, talk to that co-worker about Jesus, help that new Christian learn more, take that person in need to the grocery store and buy some things for them.

Whatever it is, if God has set it before you, don’t procrastinate.