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I was thinking about the reasons we talk with God and do what He says. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t, but God is always willing to help us get our priorities straight. Here are a few questions we should ask ourselves from time to time:

Do you seek only the blessings, or the God who gives them? The gift or the Giver?

When you pray are you talking at God or are you talking with Him? Are you listening to what He says?

When you read the Bible, are you looking for something to learn?

Do you obey God for favors, to try putting Him in debt to you for good behavior? Or do you realize you can’t put the God who saved your soul in debt, and just obey out of love?

Do you pray and read the Bible only when you want something from God and need help, or do you do these because you like spending time with God and knowing what He wants?

A few more Good Questions