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I’ve heard people ask why God doesn’t just show Himself so people will believe in Him. Well He has, we just won’t look.

Let me set up a few things first. One, God is so other from us and so glorious and holy, that to reveal Himself to us just as He is would be deadly to us with our finite perceptions. We literally couldn’t handle it. Two, God has already revealed Himself in ways we can perceive, and we still don’t believe. Three, even if we could stand beholding God’s full majesty and power, we could still say no thanks.

Now let me expand and explain. We humans are very stubborn and very stupid. The first man and woman got to interact with God in perfection, and when temptation came they thought they could do better (Genesis 3). The Israelites in the Old Testament had God literally leading them in the form of a bright cloud, at one point He spoke outright to them, and He did many powerful miracles and signs, and the people still complained at God! (For a few: Exodus 16:1-4; Numbers 11:1-6, 14:1-11) Jesus Himself came to die for our sins and rise again, doing miracles to show who He is, and a lot of people didn’t believe He was the Son of God. Even His own brothers didn’t at first believe! (John 7) When Jesus returns and sets up His Kingdom, when the government will finally be perfect for once, even then there will be a rebellion! (Revelation 20:1-10)

So why doesn’t God just show Himself? He has, we just won’t look. God has set things up on our level of understanding. He’s laced details into creation. He’s hardwired our hearts to know and feel that we need more than what we physically experience. We are literally and actually able to perceive Him. Will we look?