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I’m still not over Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t look forward to the new year!

A lot of people will be making resolutions, purposing and promising to be and to do better. But you don’t have to wait. Being and doing better are not things that you have to wait until the next year, month, or week for. There are some things that you shouldn’t wait to do, and there are things that are good to start fresh on a new day, week, month, or year.

For example, when God calls you to do something, you should do it exactly when He tells you to. There are other things that God will tell you to wait on.

But with all things, you will likely slip up or mess up – and that’s okay. God lets you keep going, or He lets you try again, or He lets you start completely over. Sometimes you start over the next day. Sometimes you start over right then and there. But remember that God’s mercy and love are always new and never run out.

So whatever you are purposing to do, be sure God is in it, and do it as soon as you should! We don’t know how much time we have, so let’s get moving!