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When God saves a person He gives us a new identity in Him. He has a plan in mind for our lives, and He knows who He made us to be. God knows exactly what you like and don’t like. He knows your personality and character. He knows how to bring out the best of these in you and change the worst to be more like Him. When you are saved, God calls you loved, forgiven, saved, child, and many other wonderful things!

Sometimes God will call us something that we’re sure we aren’t. He called Abram “Abraham,” meaning “father of a multitude,” (Genesis 17:4-7) before Abraham even had any children.  He called Gideon a “mighty man of valor,” (Judges 6:11-16) even though Gideon and his family were extremely poor, and right as Gideon was trying to hide what little food he could find from his enemies.

In the Bible and certainly today, God calls people by the names and titles of who He made them to be. He loves to call the most unqualified people to things that you and I certainly wouldn’t choose them for. Go look in the Bible! They’re all good reads! But the point is that when God calls you something you don’t think you are, you are about to go on a great adventure!

And one more thing. God doesn’t call people what they aren’t. Why would God call you that thing? Because that’s who you are! Whatever He has called you, that is who you are because that is who He made you to be!