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I keep a notebook full of – guess what? – notes. I write down things that I observe, learn, or find interesting. I want to say I’ve shared a few lines and pieces from it before, but I don’t remember for sure. I’ll share more anyway:

You can’t live for Jesus without spending time with Jesus.

You must talk to God about men before talking to men about God.

There is no ideal place to serve God except the place in which He has set you down. Those things which are perfect and ideal are reserved for Heaven. If you look for the perfect and the ideal in this world, you will meet with disappointment. Serve God where He has put you.

Don’t wait for God to do your work for you. Trust the Holy Spirit to enable you to do the work. While there are instances in the Bible where God did do the work, He did still command His people and they obeyed.

Work for God that is not sustained by a wonder at God is a weariness of the flesh.

The Christian life is not hard, it is impossible! You can’t do it – humanly speaking. You can only live it by God’s power!

While God saves you as you are, He does not leave you as you are!

Every crisis, ever moment of truth in our lives, comes with the opportunity to ask God just how He wants us to grow personally through the crisis.