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I’ve picked up a few witty yet convicting phrases from many people and experiences throughout the course of my life. I would like to share some with you.

Do you keep resentments parked in your grudge?

Is Jesus your spare tire or your steering wheel?

All means all, and that is all that all means.

Some truth doesn’t “sink in” until we are sinking!

A rabbi was asked, “Why does it say that the Word is on our hearts instead of in them?” The rabbi replied, “The Word sits on our heart until God allows it to break; then the words falls in.”

You must leave one place so that you can get to another.

You must talk to God about men before talking to men about God.

If the boat rocks too much you could fall out, but if the boat never rocks you won’t get your sea legs.

Gettest thou over it.

God doesn’t call us to do hard stuff. He calls us to do impossible stuff.