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We all have fears. Even if we tell ourselves that we don’t. Even if we “can’t think of any.” Even if, “Nah, I’m not really scared of anything.” There is something that you fear, whether it is tangible or not.

But there is Someone who can conquer that fear.

Yep, God is in the business of fear conquering – and He is excellent at it! He conquers it through love.

Sounds really fanciful, but it’s true. God’s love is perfect, and perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). God’s perfect love throws your fear out the door!

But in order to conquer your fear, you have to face it. God will prepare you for it, of course, because He loves you. When you are ready God will turn you to face your fear. Then He will say, “Now look at me.” Then He will tower over your fear, and you will realize just how small your fear is.

Some fears are squashed instantly. Some fears will be fought through a process. It all depends on what you need. But God is with you, fighting your fears right there.

1 John 4:18