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Once again I’ve been looking at some notes I have written from listening to others speak. Some of them are very concise and do straightforwardly tell it like it is.

God has a plan for your life, and it’s better than yours.

There’s not one area or aspect of our lives as the redeemed of the Lord that does not require trusting God!

God is good, whether He intervenes in your circumstances or not!

I’m not God, and neither are you.

You cannot deceive the Lord! He sees and knows your heart!

A faith that costs you nothing will ultimately mean nothing to you.

God never wastes your pain.

Trust God with His powerful gospel!

Good leaders are people of principle, not people pleasers.

Praise builds faith and faith strengthens courage.

Part of happiness is having a right or correct view of the past and the future.

Jesus has given us the gospel of “done,” not the gospel of “keep trying.”

You must walk with God daily!

A biblical worldview begins and ends with God!

God cannot be tamed! And He has a cause bigger than you!

Trusting God means abandoning your own will and preferences.

Complacency leads to indifference.

God is still taking impossible situations and making them possibilities!

It is never too late to seek God’s presence. It is never too late to trust God’s promises.