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Sometimes we are unsure about something. Sometimes we just don’t know something at all. So then we want to ask a question.

But sometimes we think we’ll look stupid if we ask. Sometimes we feel stupid because the answer seems so obvious, but we just don’t know it. So we don’t want to ask a question.

There are times when you ask a question to which you already know the answer, just to see what people will tell you. There are times when you don’t ask a question at all because you don’t want to seem like you are stubbornly casting doubt.

But it is okay to ask questions. You are allowed to ask questions. If someone says you are not allowed, you should probably be asking why you can’t ask questions. Personally, I get very suspicious when someone doesn’t answer my questions, or won’t let me ask them. It usually means there is something being hidden.

But what if my question is one that I think I should already know? What if I have a huge doubt about something, but I don’t want anyone to know that? What if I am correct in my doubt? What if I’m wrong? What if my huge doubt could cause someone else to doubt and mess us both up? What if this question gets me into trouble?

You won’t know until you ask. Sometimes you answer yourself just by asking a question, and sometimes you don’t know the answer until you ask someone who does. It can be scary, but if you go to the right people and places, you’ll know your answer and be better for it. You may even be able to help someone else!

But what if I’ve asked, and I still don’t know the answer? Now what?

Keep asking. Ask and ask, until you find the true answer.

But always be careful where you get your answers. Check your facts, go to multiple and trusted sources. Read the Bible. Talk to God Himself. It’s almost like writing a research paper, but more important and more adventurous.

Questions are interesting. They can be scary, and they can be fun. But don’t ask a question just to ask a question. If you aren’t going to answer it, then what’s the point? If you have a question, doesn’t it bother you when you don’t know the answer? A question is not freeing. A question causes and sometimes makes you look for the answer until you find it.

But when you do find the answer, that is freeing!

Go ask your important question today.