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As I was reading a devotional (The One Year “Hearing His Voice” Devotional by Chris Tiegreen), I came across words that sparked me to start writing this post. The scripture reference was from Ezekiel when God told Ezekiel to eat the scroll. God wants us to ingest His Word; it needs to be inside us. The devotional brought up that we often say, “You are what you eat.” Fill yourself with God’s Words and you will more easily be able to do what the Words say.

After that paragraph sitting unpublished for a long while, I heard “you are what you eat” again in the sermon yesterday. In Psalm 62 we see David in beautiful peace because he knows what God has said and who God is. The pastor also brought up Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and how he was so filled with God’s Words that even at the end of life at his very execution he was securely at peace.

I have found that you won’t know much about God unless you read what He has written. Fill yourself with God’s words. Know who He is. God has put some very important things in the Bible for you to know! Read the words and talk with Him! Let Him hold you up. Let Him fill you with good things and teach you what is right. The more God fills you the more peaceful life becomes, even when all seems dark and chaotic.

We often don’t realize that Bible reading is part of our spiritual food as Christians. You wouldn’t just have a person make you a meal on Sunday, maybe even Wednesday, and just leave it at that. You eat physical food every day so you can live, and if you’re an adult you go get most of it by yourself. Because it’s spiritual food, why should reading and studying God’s Word be any different?

What you are filled with will eventually show up in how you live. Eat right and you’ll function so much better!