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You don’t know what is going on in any stranger’s life at any given moment. You might not even know something going on in a close friend’s life. There can be times when you do know, but you don’t always know exactly what someone is thinking or feeling about their circumstances. What’s more, even if you learn from someone what they think and feel, that doesn’t mean that another person thinks and feels the same way, even if they act similarly.

Was that a lot to take in? Take your time; this is a very important lesson. You are not God, therefore you don’t know everything. Cut people some slack, and try not to be too upset when people don’t cut you any. Someone is going through a difficult time. Maybe you are the one going through the difficulty. People may not always understand or look past what’s going on, but just because someone else doesn’t, that doesn’t mean that you can or should.

Be kind to others, even if they’re grumpy or rude. Someone is more likely to be kind to you if they notice that you are kind and forgiving. God also looks well on the kindness of His children.

If you are saved, God didn’t save you for you to be a grumpy pants. God saved you so you can show His kindness to others so they can be saved as well. Be kind all the time.