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Read Psalm 19, and pay special attention to the first half.

Creation shows us that there is a Creator. The more you look, the more you can see intelligent design. The more you look, the more attention to detail you can see. The more you look, the more you will notice Someone’s signature on EVERYTHING!

But we humans like to have our own ideas about how we got here. So we have multiple origin theories, and this leaves many people unsure what to believe.

Once I heard someone talking about a book he was writing. He said he didn’t want his book’s world to have all the confusion that we do about where we come from; he wanted his written world to be like the worlds in a few other high fantasy books (e.g. The Lord of the Rings) where it is known exactly who created the world and how all the people came to be.

As I heard this, I thought, “That’s how this world is supposed to work!” It is supposed to be readily apparent and easily understood that we have a Creator! We are supposed to know who our Creator is!

But how do I see this Creator’s mark, His “signature on everything”?

Take a look at your favorite artist’s stuff, be it music, interior decorating, clothing, sculpting, painting, drawing, writing, building, whatever. After a while you get to know the things they make have some sort of “mark” on them, their work has a particular style that tells you it was designed by them. So as you look at creation, you get to see there are similar design points that tell you it all has a common Designer.

You get to see your Creator’s signature on every plant, on every animal, on every planet, on every star, on the very cells of your own body, and on every last atom!