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Last week I was listening to one of the Christian radio stations in my area. I forget the name of the man speaking, but he brought up an important point about forgiveness.

In the Bible God says that if someone has something against you or you have something against another person, you need to take care of that before doing anything else (Matthew 5:23-24; Mark 11:25). Notice: if you have something against someone else, you go take care of it; if someone else has something against you, you go take care of it.

This is the point that was brought up: It’s always your turn.

Just because you started the forgiveness process last time doesn’t mean that it isn’t your turn this time. It’s always your turn. If you’re in the wrong, it’s your turn. If you think you’re the more righteous one in the situation, it’s your turn.

Think about how God forgave us. He was certainly the more righteous one. He wasn’t the one who did wrong, we did wrong. But He was the one who started the forgiveness process with us.

It’s important for you acknowledge and act on this: Whether you are right or wrong, God says it’s your turn.