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I recently went to visit one of my sisters. Since I was there on Sunday I went to church with her. The pastor there has been preaching from Romans, and the recap of chapter 8 stuck out.

In Romans 8, Paul is explaining to these Christians about salvation, and that once they are saved they are always saved. When God saves you He saves you for good. God didn’t promise that you would be exempt from trials and troubles, but He does work it all out for your good. If you’ve been saved you’re His now, and that means you’re safe (verses 28-37).

As we reach the end of the chapter, we find Paul confidently telling these Christians that it doesn’t matter what happens to them, what others do, or what they do themselves, once you are saved there is no losing your salvation. Death can’t take it. The way in which you die can’t take it. Being sick doesn’t take it. Being persecuted doesn’t take it. Your continued sin doesn’t take it. Even if you wanted to undo your own salvation, you can’t. Nothing can take it – absolutely nothing (verses 38-39).

When God has you, you’re safe.