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Sometimes when I think of give and take in a relationship, I think more of the giving part. But sometimes I do need to take, and I don’t always want to. Something about it feels like I’m stealing or being needy, but neither of those is true. Just like I would give to a friend, they want to give to me. Both of us have our share in giving and taking, and if it were only me doing the giving, it would be rather one-sided, wouldn’t it?

Don’t be afraid to let a friend know what’s on your mind. It’s okay to let someone know how you feel or that you need something. Whether your feelings are good and beautiful or painful and ugly, friends are there to share with each other. Friends are there to help you, just as you help them. Often we think of our part in giving when we talk of give and take, but remember, just like when there’s food on the table for you, it’s not wrong to take it. That’s what it’s there for, for you to take it.

Give and take go back and forth in a relationship. There is a balance, and often all you need to do is just let it flow. Don’t rob each other of blessings, let your friend be as eager to give to you as you are to them.

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