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I’ve been talking with a couple friends lately on sharing struggles. We each sometimes have difficulty sharing our struggles, not wanting to burden others with them or make ourselves seem like we’re just complaining. We’re used to being the listener and not the sharer, so we’re learning about how to share without feeling like it’s going to be a bother.

While struggles and burdens should certainly be shared with God first, God did make us to need other humans also, and made us well for friendships. There are times when it’s okay and even good to share with other humans.

I’ve learned that it is okay to share your struggles and burdens. Complaining is okay if done correctly. Asking for help is good. Letting someone help you carry a heavy burden makes it lighter for both of you, and if you can appropriately share it with more people, it gets even lighter.

Find the right trustworthy person or people that can help you, and ask for help. If you need help doing those, ask God. God can help you find the right people, and can help you ask for help. Friends enjoy helping friends. Even if things get difficult, because you’re doing them together they aren’t as heavy.

It’s okay to need help.
It’s okay to ask for help.
It’s okay to get or receive help.

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