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Recently in my Bible reading I’ve been in Jeremiah. God sent him as a prophet to people who were not going to listen to him. Jeremiah knew this ahead of time, yet still got very frustrated at the people’s response to God’s words and to himself. Not only did they not listen, they started to ridicule, slander, and persecute Jeremiah.

There are multiple points in Jeremiah where he has an honest prayer conversation with God. Jeremiah lets God know how he feels and what’s on his mind, often complaining and letting his sorrow be known, and God welcomes the open honesty. We don’t always see God directly answering or encouraging, but we do at times see Jeremiah realizing the point and that things will work out, so he praises God, like in Jeremiah 20:7-13. Sometimes Jeremiah goes on to complain further after the worship, but still he goes on to do as God says (Jeremiah 20:14-21:4). Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the line between the conversation and the prophecy is, the two are so interconnected (Jeremiah 12).

I point this out to remind us that God is not just okay with our honesty, He welcomes it. He’s big enough to handle it, and He knows about it already. But just because God already knows what’s on your mind doesn’t mean you can’t or are not allowed to talk about it. Talking about it is important and therapeutic, and God made you to be able to communicate your feelings, so why wouldn’t He listen to your honest communication to Him about all that?

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