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Sometimes we go about our lives aware that other humans exist, but we aren’t really aware of them. We don’t always think about how they have thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and wills of their own. We don’t always realize we are all the same. We don’t always consider that God loves and knows as much about us as He does each of them. We don’t always care about the other humans in our vicinity, or in general existence. Then when we do realize and think about these things, there are things we still don’t know. The people we see or are interacting with might be going through something terrible, or they may be having the best day ever. They may have deep dark secrets, or none at all.

Even if we know better than to think so, we can act as if everyone else is just fine and we’re the only ones with problems, or in a hurry, or in need, or whatever else. But we need to realize that sometimes people are having a bad time, and like us they may be hiding it. Even if we know better than to think so, we can act as if we’re the only people that God cared to have mercy towards. But we need to realize that Jesus came for everyone, not just us and the people we like.

We humans should be careful, sensitive, understanding, and gentle to each other, especially if we claim to follow the God who cares about every person in the world.

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