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I’ve mentioned before that someone once told me, “Surround yourself with those who are better than you.” It can make you better, but not just because you have great examples, and not just because as they get better, so can you. There is usually also a desire to be as good as those people, to strive to become and feel like you are their equal. For me, there’s also a twinge of friendly competition. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be better than someone else, as long as your attitude and motivations are altruistic and not for your greed or pride. Additionally, there is the desire to be able to teach someone else, to be the better person in their life if they so choose to have you there.

Lately I’ve been feeling pushed (or pulled) to be better at some things just because of some friends in my life. They are quite good with Bible study and knowledge, and I feel compelled to memorize more Bible verses and study more passages than I have already. I want to be as good as or better than they are. I want to teach people well like some of them do. I want to be able to explain anything anyone asks like some of them do. This will definitely take some time and effort, but I want it.

Surround yourself with people who are better than you, and you should find yourself motivated to be better yourself.

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