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I was reviewing one of my other blogs, You Should Know the Creator, when I thought about why some people don’t know or refuse to know that there is a Creator. It came in the context of the multiple origin theories and high fantasy book part. While not necessary, it might help make a little more sense of this blog post if you read the one mentioned above first.

Sometimes when we read a book or watch a movie, we don’t really like one part or another of the story, so we come up with what is often called, “head-canon.” (May also be spelled, “headcanon,” and, “head canon.”) It’s not “canon,” which is what is actually written, but we like it better so we keep it in a little pocket of our mind. For example, someone might think the main character should have fallen in love with someone else. They know that isn’t how it really goes, but they have a spot in their head for the way they would have liked it to go. Or maybe there’s a part in the story where the adventure might have gone differently, so someone’s got a spot in their head where they wrote out something different than the original author, even though they know that’s not how the original story goes. Or there’s just a minor detail in the lore that someone feels would sound better a different way, though it doesn’t much affect what’s actually written.

While this is relatively harmless to do with a fictional story, it is detrimental to do this in real life. Just because you don’t want to think So-and-So isn’t that bad doesn’t mean they aren’t. You can’t rewrite who they are and you know and can know what they’re really like. Just because you want to think So-and-So is bad person doesn’t mean they are. You can’t rewrite who they are and you know and can know what they’re really like. Just because you don’t like someone and don’t want to acknowledge their existence doesn’t mean they aren’t alive. Just because you don’t think you’re worth anything doesn’t mean you aren’t. Just because you have an explanation for existence and the universe doesn’t mean it’s the right one. Just because you think God doesn’t exist doesn’t mean He doesn’t. Just because you don’t love someone doesn’t mean that God doesn’t.

In essence, just because you don’t like something or someone doesn’t change the fact that what is, is. You can have your head-canon all you want, but it doesn’t change true canon.

What is, is. It is already written, so to speak. The Author has written, and you can’t undo it. You can interpret things how you like in fiction, but in real life you and even others could end up deeply hurt or worse. But you can know the true canon. It’s all right here in front of you. God made Creation to tell of His vastness and creativity, and He gave us the Bible to tell of His mind and personality.