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Our pastor at church was out visiting family, so one of our other men at church preached yesterday. The way he talked about our commitment with God stuck out to me.

When you get saved, you and God are committed to each other. God is committed to you, you are committed to God. The Bible frequently compares that relationship to a marriage covenant. So when you sin by doing things you shouldn’t, going places you shouldn’t, and looking at and listening to things you shouldn’t, it’s like taking your spouse out on a date without asking where they wanted to go, and then purposefully going to a place they don’t like. On top of that, you go around acting like you’re single the whole time you’re there!

God is always with us, and we are committed to each other. We would do well to remember that as we go about our daily lives. If we love God like we say we do, it should be naturally and readily apparent in the way we behave ourselves.

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