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God doesn’t make people like we make things in factories. God doesn’t make people like we make cookies. God has no assembly lines, God has no cookie cutters. Each person that exists is a new, never before seen, custom built, one of a kind, particularly specialized human. God doesn’t make “one size fits all” plans, either. God has lovingly crafted plans for each person, just as customized as the respective human.

But were you built for the plan, or was the plan built for you? Knowing that God is omniscient and loving, I’m sure it’s both. Since God knows what He wants and God knows what you want, and since God loves you, both you and the plan are perfectly suited to go together. God takes your personality into account when He tells you what to do. God personally equips you with everything you need when He tells you what to do. God has designed you and His plan for you to be a beautiful, working work of art. You may not always know what’s in the plan and you may not even know what’s in you, but God has everything exactly lined up for the best for everyone involved. Are you going to participate?

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