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Sometimes as Christians we forget that the Christian life is a walk with God. We walk together, enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes we forget this is a daily thing. All day. Each day. Every day. Sometimes we forget to include God, or we simply forego His inclusion because we think we’ve got it. Sometimes we only include Him in certain life areas, or only at certain times of the day.

But then again, forget “inclusion.” God includes us, not the other way around. He is in charge, and we are not. God is always there, whether you “include” Him or not. He is always there to love you, to help you, to correct you. He is our friend and our good God. Why do we even want to push Him out? Why aren’t we just building our lives around Him like we’re supposed to do? Why do we have such a hard time being aware of His constant presence?

God desires a relationship, a mutual enjoyment of each other and each other’s interests (see “Personal Relationship“). God desires a friendship, but God also wants more than a simple friendship. If you are God’s child, then you are God’s child.

When you are in someone’s family, you are very close. You don’t just hang out once in a while; you live with each other and see each other all the time. You say, “Good morning,” and, “Good night.” You talk about the plan for the day as you head to face it, and later you talk about how the day actually went. You don’t do things that purposefully hurt the other. You work with each other. You share with each other. You love each other.

Being aware of God’s constant presence in our daily lives requires some practice and discipline. But it can be done. Pray and read the Bible. Maybe tell God good morning every day. Talk to Him whenever you think about it. Tell Him what’s on your mind. Complain if you need to, and ask for help. When something good happens, thank Him. Whenever you think about it, thank God for His blessings and love for you. Ask Him to show you something. Ask Him to take care of something. Thank Him for every meal, perhaps even snacks and simple drinks of water. Maybe tell God good night at bedtime. Really, just ask God for His help to recognize and acknowledge His presence. He probably has something in mind that I haven’t thought of. This is a relationship between you, God has something special in mind! Go enjoy His presence!