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In the Bible we see Jesus casting out demons, healing the sick and disabled, feeding thousands of people with very little food, calming storms, and dying and rising again for our sins, all out of love. Just think, the disciples and many other people got to see that all firsthand!

But we also see the disciples and others doubting Jesus, His power, and His intentions. Right on the heels of casting out demons and feeding thousands, the disciples were terrified at a storm that had caught them in a boat while Jesus was with them. Jesus calmed the storm of course, and even though the disciples didn’t know that He would do so, they had seen enough to let them know that Jesus could handle things, right?

We often wonder why the disciples doubted after seeing all Jesus could do. But then again, why do we do the same?

We’ve seen all Jesus can do, both in the Bible and even in our own lives, and still we waver. Just like Jesus reprimanded His disciples, He will reprimand us, but also like with the disciples, Jesus will reassure us. He has abundant love and patience for our insecurities, but in order for us to see that, sometimes He’ll take us into a boat and let a storm catch us.

Sometimes Jesus is like a dad asking their child to jump from something into their arms. He’ll catch you of course, but only if you jump. He’s caught you before, but unlike a human dad who you will grow too big for, He’ll always be able to continue catching you.

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