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In my Bible reading in the past few days, I’ve read about Jesus telling His disciples about faith. In Matthew 17:20 we see Jesus telling His disciples why they couldn’t cast out a demon, saying it was because of their unbelief. Depending on how one translates the wording there, one could also call it their faithlessness, their lack of faith, or their little trust.

Jesus then goes on to say if they just had the faith of a mustard seed they would have enough. A mustard seed is pretty tiny, so I wonder how I would have felt if Jesus said that to me. If I don’t have enough faith and trust in God, and if I just had a mustard seed amount I would have enough, then I must not have faith at all!

I’m reminded of a song called “Faith, Hope, Love”. In that song it says, “You don’t need a whole lot. Just use what you’ve got.” And that’s how it works with God. The seed is pretty tiny, but it grows into something pretty big! If you just have a little and you give it all to God, He can grow your faith and trust into something much bigger than you’d have had on your own!

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