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I was looking through some of my notes and found this: There is no such thing as “cheap grace.” The grace of God might be free, but it came at such a cost.

God’s grace to us is freely offered, but Jesus paid for it with His life and blood. There is no way to pay Him back for what He’s done, but grace is still freely offered to you. Now while you can just take it and be ungrateful or take it for granted, that’s not how it should be done. We should always remember the cost of grace and live grateful lives out of thankfulness.

For more on this, look at Romans 5 and 6. Paul of all people had a good grasp of grace, and wrote to some Christians about the law, sin, faith, and grace. Jesus died for us when we were unworthy, giving us grace to cover our sins. Paul lets us know that even though the offence of our sin is great, grace is greater (Romans 5:20-21). But then in the next chapter he goes on to ask if we should just keep on sinning so that we get more grace, or if we are free to sin because we have grace. No! Absolutely not! (Romans 6:1-4 & 14-18) As recipients of grace, we are now dead to sin and have a new life in Christ. As servants of Christ we ought not become servants again of the sin from which we’ve been freed. Paul explains this death, the new life we have now, and our servanthood throughout the chapter.

Grace is free, but it is not cheap. It’s like an expensive, gorgeous, meaningful gift that someone gives you just because they love you. We should treat grace as the precious gift it is.

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