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When God saves you, He saves all of you. God doesn’t just save your soul, He saves all the rest of you too! Your body, soul, and everything that makes you who you are, these are one woven piece that God Himself constructed, and when He saves you, He saves your whole being, your whole life.

When God saves you and begins transforming you to be more like Him every day, this must include your whole being. If God does not have all of you, then He doesn’t have you at all. When God redeems someone, He redeems the soul, the spirit, the body, the mind, the heart, the emotions, the thoughts, the entire life and the processes and activities thereof!

Sometimes we don’t think enough about how our bodies, lifestyles, and life decisions belong to and should be controlled by God. Read 1 Corinthians 6:13-20. When we get saved, when God redeems us and buys us, we turn ownership over to God. But don’t think of it as God taking full control and removing your personality and everything enjoyable from your life! While God’s work in your life will build you into something you could not otherwise be, God does not buy you to make you an unrecognizable husk of who you used to be. God buys you to make you more into who you are supposed to be. God knows how you’re built and how you’re naturally inclined, mentally, spiritually, and physically. He made you in the first place, He knows what’s best for you to become, and you will love it! Will it be difficult sometimes? Yes, but it will be every bit worth it!

God is not a harsh master. He is good and He is fair. When God owns your life, He removes the broken, corrupted pieces and builds in the goodness He made specifically for you!

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