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In The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional by Chris Tiegreen, I read the other day about our feelings connecting us with God. The Sunday School lesson yesterday added to what I’d found.

God is not a detached, impassive being. He has emotions and feelings, and gave us the ability to have them also. When we feel the pain of being put on the back burner or the feeling of rejection, God knows what that’s like. He feels like that every day as we do the same to Him. When we feel the joy of a wayward loved one getting back to the right path, God knows what that’s like. He feels it every time someone gets saved and every time a wayward Christian turns back to Him. From the deepest pain and loss to the greatest joy and bliss, God knows what it feels like.

God has given us the ability to have feelings and emotions like He does, both pleasant and unpleasant, so that we can relate with Him. We and God can understand each other in this way.

When you feel something, pause and see what it tells you about God’s heart.