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Sometimes we say God has feelings just like we do. But since He existed first and created us His image, we’re the ones who have feelings like He does. God gave us the ability to feel so that He and we could relate to one another.  But there is at least one key difference between our feelings and God’s feelings: God never feels the wrong thing or does the wrong thing about a feeling, while we humans feel the wrong thing quite a lot and often do the wrong things in response to our feelings.

God is perfect, so of course He can “use” His emotions and feelings properly and can feel them correctly without doing the wrong thing because of them, but because of our naturally corrupt sin nature, we humans need help with our emotions and feelings – and a lot of it. Feelings are one of the many things God can help us with. Jesus dying for our sins and rising again isn’t just about saving your soul so you can go to Heaven, it’s also about changing your whole life in every detail! Because God loves us so much, He offers His direct help!

God’s help with your feelings and emotions doesn’t mean he takes them away, it means He helps you sort through them and shows you how to react to/with them properly. God’s help with your feelings doesn’t work because He has none and wants you to have none, His help works because He has feelings and knows exactly how they are supposed to work.

God isn’t some aloof being beyond the sky with no feelings. He is not insensitive to us. God feels very deeply about us and wants us to relate to Him on that level.

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