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All of what has happened in time is written by and controlled by God. It is His story – history.

I’ve written about stories before, about how we each have one that God has written for us (Character Development). But there is an over-arching story, a metanarrative. Taking from the sermon notes I wrote last night, let’s go with this thought.

God controls history. He has it all written out. History’s metanarrative is the story (or account) of God’s purpose to redeem humanity and bring glory to Himself.

But Satan, beginning in the Garden of Eden, comes along and says, “What if God’s story isn’t a good one? What if there is a better one? Why don’t you write your own?”

So then we humans replace the main character in God’s story. We replace Jesus with ourselves. Sometimes we don’t necessarily replace God, but we insert ourselves right next to Him.

But we are not the stars of the story. We aren’t supposed to change the script.

When we do change the script, when we don’t listen to God or when we change something that He said, we are making the story all about us. That is prideful. Life is not all about you. Life is not all about me. Life is all about God’s glory.

So there are two stories: God’s metanarrative, and the story we write about ourselves. Only one has a happy ending. Only one is truly good.

Are you participating in God’s metanarrative? Are you following His-story?