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A friend and I have been story-building for several months now, and it’s all becoming quite intricate and interconnected. That interconnectedness as well as the themes we’ve been exploring take inspiration from and remind us of real life. All the story-building that my friend and I have been doing has reminded me that as intricate as a human can make a story, God has done that infinitely better with all of human history, both in what is done and in what is to come. God knows just how deeply interconnected we all are and what effects even the slightest movement of a coffee mug in someone’s office can do to the world at large. God has a story to tell in general and in detail, on a worldwide scale and with each of us individually.

I know that sometimes we balk at the idea of someone else controlling us, but God lets us choose how we’re going to participate in the story while still knowing how to write it. God has the best idea for how the story is supposed to go, and He has not written it without our specific personalities in mind. That’s how deep God can go, He can give each of us a custom story that allows for free will, that fits perfectly within everyone else’s custom story, to tell the ultimate story of His love that He wants to tell!

I’m not sure if it was a quote from someone else, but I remember a pastor friend often saying: “It is the eternal purpose of God to procure to Himself a people that will love Him by choice.” God loves us and wants us to love Him back. We’re broken and unworthy to be in His presence, but He wants us to be repaired and worthy so He has made that possible. There is a rift between us that we cannot cross, so God spanned it for us. If you want to love God back for His love to you, then out of His love for you He will accept you right there. If you want nothing to do with God, He will let you choose that. There is more to life than just what we’re each doing, more than what our leaders are doing, more than what humanity in general is doing, more than just our existence in “the material plane,” as it were. God hasn’t just left us to our own devices, He’s built much more! He’s here working things out for the ultimate good story. He has the ultimate happy ending in store for those who choose it!

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