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While thinking about what to write I read a few notes I’ve written and found a couple of convicting sentences:

“When you say you have no time, you really mean that you have given it to something else.”

“You will always have time for God’s will. If you don’t think you do, then your time needs to change.”

Essentially, time is something you can only spend once. Is what we spend our time on worth the time we spent? When you don’t have the time for one thing it’s because you have spent it doing something else, or because you have that time set aside for something else. This can be bad, and this can be very good. What do you have time for? What do you not have time for?

When God has a plan for you and a task for you to accomplish, you will have time. If you do not, that’s just because you think something else is more important – you think something else is more worth that time. Set your priorities straight. What you spend your time on and what you set aside time to do will tell you a lot about what your priorities are.

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