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Sometimes it takes a long time for a prayer to be answered. But don’t stop talking to God about it! Sometimes you may never know if a prayer was answered. But don’t stop talking to God about it!

In Luke 18:1-7, Jesus tells us to keep praying by telling a story. If an unjust judge will finally respond to a widow persistently demanding that he help her, then surely the God who loves and cares for us will be there for us.

I’ve been praying for people I’ve only met once or twice, having told them about Jesus and having never seen them again. Parents in my church are still praying for wayward children. But it is encouraging to know that God has other people witnessing along the path that I left (1 Corinthians 3:5-7). It is encouraging to see parents in my church that have seen their wayward children return after years of praying, and to see those children serving God.

Just because we feel like God is taking too long doesn’t mean He is. He is there, working where we cannot see or hear.

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