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You must know God. Knowing about Him is not enough. You must know God. Based around some notes I took during a sermon, let’s talk about that.

Knowing God exists and knowing God Himself are two different things. Satan knows and believes God exists, and He’s evil. You and I can become friends with God, knowing more than just the fact of His existence.

Knowing God will make you strong. The more we know God, the more confidence, strength, and courage we will have to stand in a godless environment. After all, when you realize and get to know just how powerful God is, all your problems begin to look very small.

“To know God is to have Him rub off on you.” Just like the people you hang out with all the time can influence you, God will influence you. The closer you are to God, the more of a good influence you will get.

God wants to be known. That’s why He sent Jesus, and why Jesus willingly came (John 17:3). To really know God is to have life, and you’ll get to spend it with Him!

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