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Life can be like a band or an orchestra: there are a lot of different people with different things they are meant to do, they each have a different way in which they must do it, and it all interconnects in a special way.

A piano is not played the same way as a saxophone, which is not played the same way as a violin, which is not played the same way as a trumpet, which is not played the same way as a flute, which is not played the same way as drums. Just like each instrument has a different way of being played, not everyone is going to have the same way of doing life as you do. Each person is given a different set of abilities to do life with, and just because their instrument doesn’t sound like yours doesn’t mean you can’t play the same notes.

Some instruments have music written in different keys, but still play the same concert pitches. Just like some music is written differently for different instruments, not everyone has the same life experiences that you do, but you are all still going through life together and have similarities. Just because someone’s music looks different from yours doesn’t mean it isn’t part of the same song. When you listen, it might even sound exactly the same as your part. You might even compliment and enhance each other’s parts.

Some instruments feature more prominently than others. That doesn’t mean what you do is more or less important than another’s doing, it just fits into the whole differently. Sometimes the music of life changes to feature different instruments in turns.

Some people can play more than one instrument and can fill in wherever they are needed, just like there are some people that can move around the places and positions they fill in life.

If the instrumentalists don’t work together and synchronize, there is a cacophony of sound instead of music. The best way to get things together with your fellow musicians is to follow the Conductor. You can certainly get by without following the Conductor, but that doesn’t help anything in the long run. If you don’t follow God and what He’s pointing you to do, you’ll only get by for so long until the music gets more difficult and complicated.

The Composer has something for others to hear. If you aren’t playing your part and playing it at the right time, you aren’t helping the music. God has things He wants people to know about Him, so play your part when and where He has you with the instrument He gave you.

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