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I’ve noticed little things that have gone into who I am over time, little details that have subtly shaped the way I think and slightly changed the ways and reasons why I do things. I’m still my own person and have chosen what gets to influence me, yet I’ve noticed that it’s the little details that have really meant a lot to me.

One of my strongest lessons on gratefulness came from a time when I was very young, and even though it was a small slice of life it means more to me now than it did at the time. One of my strongest lessons on obedience again came from when I was very young, and while that was also a small slice of life it also means more now than it did then. (See Grateful for a Blessing from Sacrifice and Impactful Memories.)

Things that used to be mundane to me, or used to mean something different, are things that make me think of friends now. Seeing sports cars or green beans makes me think of a friend who has a sporty car and despises green beans. Seeing cool role-playing games or related things makes me think of a couple friends that got me into that. Seeing Middle Earth related things, puns, and music theory jokes makes me think of a friend that sends memes back and forth with me on those topics because we’re nerds.

Things about my preferences and personality have been affected by little details as well. I collect swords partially because of the man who taught me Kung Fu. I like to do origami because I discovered how much I liked it when my mom introduced me to it as a kid. I like to ask deep questions because my parents have always tried to answer, and even when they don’t know they help me find out. Because of that, I like other people to ask deep questions because I like to answer, and I try to help find out when I don’t know.

There are thousands of little things that go into each of us, and we get to decide what place they will or will not have in our lives. What are some little things that you’d like to share?

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