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I have found that “live and let live” is something that requires a balance, depending on how you mean the term. I don’t think one should just live and let live in the sense of never getting involved in anything and never making a difference. As a follower of Jesus, I believe that I should live in a way that others can see is different, let them know why it is this way, and then let them make their decision. I can’t make anyone get saved or do the right thing, that’s God’s business. And if God Himself doesn’t force morality on people when He actually can, then why should I?

We humans often try to push our opinions and beliefs on others, whether they are correct or not. While followers of Jesus should certainly be open about our beliefs and why we believe them, we should also remember that God doesn’t force Himself on humans, and if we are supposed to be like God we shouldn’t either. Believing in Jesus is correct, but forcing that belief on someone is not. God wants every person to make the choice of belief in Jesus for themselves, and if they do not choose it for themselves then they don’t truly believe.

Certainly don’t give up on anyone, just remember that forcing something down another’s throat makes it distasteful. Remember that outward conformation is not the same as inward transformation.

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