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A friend, my brother, and I were talking last night about politics. My friend said that a lot of Christians have been trying to use politics to change our country into a “Christian” one, but that’s not how real change is brought about. We all know and agreed: you can make all the “Christian” laws you want, but that’s not going to save or change people, the real issue is the heart. God doesn’t want anyone’s lip service or token obedience, He wants our hearts.

We also talked about how God doesn’t force Himself or His laws on people, so why are we trying to? Our job is not to change people, our job is simply to tell them about Jesus and the Gospel. The changing part is God’s job, and really He’s the only one who has the ability and power to do it anyway. And again, God doesn’t force the change, He lets each person decide whether or not they will let Him change them.

Political change is not the real answer, spiritual change is. Am I saying not to vote? No. Am I saying that we Christians need to focus more on where God focuses? Yes.

God doesn’t want outward conformation, He wants inward transformation. Unless we care about the heart of the matter, we are missing God’s point entirely.

And remember again, the changing of another person is not our job! We must simply present the Gospel, then it’s God’s business and that person’s choice from there. We can still talk about God, morality, and the Bible with them, but if we become pushy, irritating, or obnoxious about it, we’re taking steps backwards and making the Gospel distasteful. Just do your job and let God do His.

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