Love and Volition

God loves us. He chooses to do so. He wants us to love Him back. We also have our choice.

Love must be voluntary, or it is not love. Forcing someone to love you doesn’t work. You can make someone say they love you, and you can even get them to act like it, but if they haven’t made that choice for themselves then there really is no love, and you certainly have no love in your heart if you force this upon someone.

When God chose to love us, He chose it knowing full well who we are. God knows every dirty little secret, every sincere action, every slimy lie, every bit of honesty, every failure, every win, and every single thought. God knows who you are, who you have been, and who you have yet to be, and He loves you. God declares that love to us all the time, and though we often miss it, everyone has the chance to hear God say in one form or another, “I love you.”

Then God gave us the choice as to whether or not we’d love Him in return. Though He is insistent, He never forces Himself on anyone. With gentle persistence and powerful expression God tells us and shows us that He loves us, and we get to tell Him whether or not we accept it and return it with our own. The God of the universe lets us tell Him whether or not we want His love at all.

God can help us through our daily struggles, and He certainly wants to! That gift of help is part of His expression of love, and when we don’t want His love then we are rejecting this help as well. God can give us eternal life with Him in the afterlife, and He certainly wants to! That gift of life is part of His expression of love, and when we don’t want His love then we are rejecting this life as well.

When a man pursues his love, if he really loves her he will respect her choice no matter what it is. If she accepts his love and responds with her own, they will be together. If she wants him to leave her alone, he will do so. God does this as well. If we accept His love and respond with our own, we will be together. If we want Him to leave us alone, He will do just that.

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