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You know how in movies, books, or other stories, sometimes certain things don’t make sense until you get to the end? Sometimes God works life out like that.

Sometimes the worst thing that has ever happened to you can end up the best thing. God can walk you through the darkness and you’ll find you learned some things there that help you later on. Maybe you’ll help someone else with the same thing later on.

Sometimes little things happen that you don’t think about until something big happens, then you realize things were being set up for it all along the way.

Whether full good things or bad things, big things or small things, even if life doesn’t make sense right now, it will later on down the road.

And for all the Christians who are suffering and have suffered the most for the cause of Christ, everything will especially make sense once in Heaven! The Christians who suffered so much will finally get to see what all of it did. Suffering Christians know why and for what they suffer, but sometimes don’t get to see what it does until they get to Heaven.

Whether you have to wait a few days, a few years, or the rest of your life, trust God to make sense of it all.