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(Previously: More to Life, Part 2)

For all the evidence we can see about God, we can actually use it to say whatever we want, even denying God’s existence and replacing God with ourselves. We can say there is no God. There is no God so everything is really up to us. That’s all it comes down to. We get to choose and we get to decide.

I find it interesting how much more like animals we become when we act like there is no Creator. The less we believe there is a creator, the less point we find in caring. We slowly stop trying to help others who can’t help themselves. We start thinking that perhaps we could let some people die so they aren’t a “burden,” or so they aren’t exposed to “a bad life.” Then we stop caring about the sick, the disabled, the elderly, and the unborn, simply because their genetics are bad or they are not useful to us. We say things to make ourselves feel better like, “Oh, they’ll be a burden,” or, “We can’t do that to their parents/caregivers,” or, “They’re unwanted anyway,” or, “They’ll have a bad life.” But that’s just sugarcoating the fact that we think they don’t deserve existence because it interferes with our own.

But even in their corrupted state those are morally-based arguments, and in these arguments we are trying to be God ourselves. We think we know enough to make these kinds of decisions, when even recent history and people we know have proved that you can become anyone, regardless of your genetics and upbringing.

Odd, isn’t it? In playing God we actually become more like animals. In becoming more like animals we think we’re wise and knowing like God. But then, because we have the capability to make moral decisions, we become worse than the animals and kill people before they get a chance to speak for themselves or after they can’t anymore, simply because we deem them beyond usefulness and not worth the care we could give.

Why do we try to take the place of God or our concept of God? Why do we take charge where we have no authority? We are all naturally sinful (Psalm 14:1-3, 53:1-3; Romans 3:9-12 & 23), so we will try to replace God (Romans 1:20-23). Our pride is why we want to be the most important thing or person. Our pride is why we think we know better and think we can make decisions about the life and existence of others (Psalm 10:2-6, 11 & 13).