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Sometimes I think about why we Christians are not exempt from suffering. It’s completely understandable since we’re still human and still live here on this earth. Suffering is part of life here. It’s completely understandable because if we didn’t have hardships we wouldn’t learn and we wouldn’t grow. Suffering part of developing good character, like the resistance of exercise develops muscle.

On top of that, if we believers didn’t suffer, we wouldn’t get to see as much of God and we wouldn’t have anything to offer to those who need encouragement. As humans we don’t always go to God unless we need something, so we likely wouldn’t be as close to Him. We’d also have nothing to point at in our lives that would warrant us pointing to the God who can help all people with any problems. If there’s nothing in my life that shows God’s love and changing power, then why would it be at all convincing or believable when I try to tell others how great God is?

God has made provision for Christians not to be exempt from suffering because it shows His glory, it’s good for those around us, and it’s good for us. God can make suffering a good thing.

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