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We don’t live in a perfect world, and that’s something we all need to learn how to live with. While I’ve mostly learned to live with it, sometimes it just really bothers me that we humans don’t just do what God wants. We wouldn’t have nearly the amount of problems we do if we’d just love God and each other like God intended! But God has given us each a choice, since love must make a choice, and we each get to decide whether or not we love and heed God. Yet God has also promised to one day set all things right (most notably in the book of Revelation), and when you are saved He does some personalized setting right in your life in the meantime.

In life, God is working with me so I can be more patient with imperfection in myself, in others, in situations, and in the world around me. God is working in the lives of His people to help us through imperfections. God, His help, and His promises make life’s imperfections easier to cope with. The promise of things being set right coupled with the individual setting-right God is doing in the lives of those who believe in Him helps me live with the imperfection around me with more patience and grace.

Seeking Perfection
Expectation of Perfection
Reforming Perfectionist
Perfect Parents