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When you stand on a mountain in life, you can see the next mountain over the valley. The path through the valley between may seem clear, or you may not be able to see it through the trees and shadows. Either way, you may think you have one path, but when you get down into the valley, God leads you very differently.

When you’ve gone through the valley you get to the mountain on the other side. From higher up on that mountain, even if you can’t see all of the path, you can better see and understand the path on which God led you.

But God leads you on the mountain passes, too.

While our perspective from the mountain is high, God’s perspective is higher. We think the mountain is high, but God can see the whole mountain and valley range. He knows what paths to lead us on up and down this vast expanse. He sees the low valley paths and leads us on them. He sees the high mountain passes and leads us on them, too!