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I know I’ve talked about all this before, but it’s good to be reminded. We get so busy with our own holiday stuff that we sometimes forget there are others around us who aren’t having as good of a time as we are, or we’re the ones not having a good time because we’re missing a loved one this year. Whatever the case, take a look outside your circumstances.

When you’re in the thick of something, be it good or bad, that’s all you can see. It’s so up close that it fills your whole field of view. Sometimes you need to take a step (or a few steps) back and widen your perspective. You might see something there you didn’t earlier. You might notice someone you can help. You might notice someone can help you. You might notice something else entirely. You may start to see how this circumstance, whether it feels good or bad, fits into the larger picture of your life. Let God show you something.

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