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So I’ve known for a long time that when the Israelites left Egypt, as told in Exodus, the Egyptians gave them stuff (Exodus 11:2-3 and 12:35-36). A lot of stuff. All kinds of stuff. When the Children of Israel left Egypt, they were loaded and laden with riches. I don’t know how they carried it all. And God had told them before that this would happen (Exodus 3:20-22). So now they had everything that they needed to build the Tabernacle, and then much more! Today while reading about the building of the Tabernacle, it hit me just how much stuff that had to be. There was so much, that they had to be told to stop donating for the Tabernacle. And the Tabernacle was pretty fancy!

Isn’t it just like God to provide like that? Makes me think that sometimes I should be giving God more than I already do. When I am given abundance, isn’t it supposed to be used for God’s glory? Am I not supposed to be generous in return to God and to others?

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