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I’ve been reading in Proverbs for my Bible reading in the past few days, and it repeats a lot of things about wisdom. It talks about how wisdom is more valuable than precious physical things like silver, gold, and rubies. It talks about listening to those who are wise, heeding instruction from those who are trying to teach you wisdom. It says you should get wisdom, seek it, run after it. It talks about wisdom calling out loudly and clearly for those who need wisdom to come to her. It talks about holding wisdom close, keeping it near and never letting it go. It talks about wisdom being with God. It talks about fearing and reverencing God being the beginning of wisdom.

Wisdom is very important, and it isn’t just for certain people. Wisdom calls for everyone. Wisdom is important for daily life. Wisdom will help you with everything. Wisdom is valuable in a way you can’t put a physical price on. Wisdom is with God and He freely gives it!

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